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Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Wed Jul 26 16:49:59 PDT 2000

I hate it when this thing sends early..grr. As I was saying, I do look like a 
mad scientist, don't I? One night in the Laboh-ratory..
We still need to see your SHOE pictures! You can, by the way, have the class 
over here if that would help, but a Friday nite would be better for me if so.
By the by..I also have a Berengaria question, if she is available:
recipe for Pomander that I came across:
"Take two penny worth of labdanum, two penny worth of storax liquid, one 
penny worth of calamus aromaticus, as much balme, half a quarter pound of 
fine wax, of cloves and mace two penny worth, of nutmegs eight penny worth, 
and of musk four graines. Beat all exceedingly together  till they come to a 
perfect substance, then mould it in any fashion you please and dry it." 
Gervaise Markham

O.K.- what are they: labdanum(laudanum- same thing?), storax liquid, calamus 
aromaticus balme? Are they, or their equivalents, obtainable nowadays?
What would be the equivalent in measurement for a penny worth? How about a 
I wonder if these could be made in smaller soap molds and used as site tokens 
for WinterKingdom?
Appreciate it!!

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