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Vanessa Goins ly_isabela at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 28 10:41:07 PDT 2000

Agreed.  I expected that we would get together sometime later that
evening after practice but I had not considered Wednesday practice

--- Marc Carlson <marc-carlson at utulsa.edu> wrote:
> At 01:16 AM 7/28/00 -0700, Ly. Isabela wrote:
> >Uh...Well, I'd mentioned I would check with them.  I asked them and
> >they said it was okay.  Wednesday night they'll be at Bible study
> and
> >Saturday didn't seem to be a problem...
> Tell you what, Isabella, what say we try this: Since I really don't
> want to 
> conflict with fighter practice, I would rather get together there and
> play it
> by ear (which is by I haven't leapt upon the other generous offers of
> class space that have been made).  I probably should have been more
> clear
> on that goal, and I apologize.
> Wednesday, however, I have no such reluctance to getting together...
> Oh heck, is there still a Wednesday night fighter practice?  We can
> probably 
> work with not conflicting with it.
> Marc/Diarmaid

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