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Marc Carlson marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Fri Jul 28 13:04:39 PDT 2000

Vanessa Goins wrote:
> Cool by me!  I don't guess one of those buildings would be open so
> Diarmuit could bring the artifacts?

That shouldn't be a problem.  BTW, Photo-girl, something you
want to consider when making photographer decisions -- these
things are
*very* dark brown, and I have all sorts of trouble getting
decent photos
of them myself.  If you would like I can send you some
digital photos
to get an idea of the level of difficulty here.  There may
be something 
you can do with lighting or shutter speed or something that

BTW, I was teasing about getting copies from you earlier,
but I will happily
pay for a set of prints of them.


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