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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Mon Mar 6 11:53:36 PST 2000

Good Morning,

  As hopefully many of you know, the new Ansteorran server went live
  January 16th. It has weathered its first month of usage well. The
  initial users have had success at publishing files onto the server
  for use on the web and using their email via it.

  It has now come to the time to allow the all warranted officers the
  opportunity to convert over to using the new server for their office
  duties. I realize many of you may not be able to do this immediately,
  so I will work with you and your schedule to make this as painless
  as possible.

  What the new server gives you is the following:

  1) A place to store all of your officer related email without using
     your personal accounts.
  2) A consistent appearance of office to the public even when officers
  3) Ability to store office related webpages and documents where it is
     easy for members and potential members to find.

  Btw, one thing you may not realize is that this will give you the
  opportunity to have all of your Official email being separated from
  your personal email. This will help you to ensure something is not
  accidently missed.

  When you are ready to start using your portion of the new server,
  please contact me and I will give you the instructions on how to do so
  and answer any questions you might have. The instructions for this are
  a document in creation to be flushed out with your questions and/or
  problems. I will work with everyone's schedule but if you know you
  will be able to do the transition during a certain timeframe, let me
  know when that is so I can make sure to have the time available to
  assist you.

  To help with some of the questions, there is a Frequently Asked
  Questions (FAQ) located at:


  This may answer some of the more common questions, but if you don't
  have a clue what I'm talking about, please let me know. I will explain
  it the best that I can. I can be reached via email or at many events.
  Unfortunately I realize that what is straightforward to me and some
  people is not to others. I am still trying to adapt my instructions for
  all levels of expertise.

  I realize that this message may be vague to some while seeming perfectly
  clear to myself. I apologize for that and hope that anyone who has
  questions will ask them.

  When you contact me, please let me know which office you hold. While I
  may know for some of you, I do not wish to create the wrong account for
  you because of my faulty memory.

In Service,
Ansteorran Server Admin

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