NK - "A Journey in the Dark' or "Valstarr's Most Excellent Journey'

KTMC ktmc at icok.net
Tue Mar 7 08:56:51 PST 2000

   A journey brought me into Northkeep this past evening from Rundel.
There are many strange pathways sailed on wherein even the most careful
Viking (which I cannot lay claim to being,) may become entangled. And so
many of these very fast but extremely loud boats that sail with lanterns
spaced between two and four feet apart, perchance many with discourteous
sailing masters in charge.
   At any rate, I spotted where I thought the destination I was seeking
looked like. As I approached the door, I was spotted by a wee one inside
the abode.
   I used the apparatus at the threshold of the dwelling to notify the
occupants of my presence. Little would one have thought that an innocent
bachelor Viking would have deserved the screaming of children, and the
howling of canines. Eventually a male of adult age timidly appeared with
a still-partially chained door in between us. One would have thought
that I had a longship crew behind me, intent on pillaging the entire
locale, not just a lone man of about 30 stone, who, save for light
hands, face and hair, stood before him dressed in black and blue from
head to toe.
   The din from the howling was so great that I had to repeat my request
of who I was looking for. It finally became apparent that this was NOT
the place I was looking for. Back to sailing in the area some more.
After speaking to another local, I docked and set out on foot. Another
dwelling place I went by had a number of men at it that apparently felt
comfortable in their numbers, as they expressed no fear. After yet
another stop at a wrong dwelling-place, I finally found the place that I
had been seeking.
   A while later, with garb for Gulf War, I departed and shaped course
for the more familiar environs of Rundel.
   Thanks, Your Fabulosity and Lady Anawyn!


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