NK - Bottle URL's

sdrake sdrake at matrixservice.com
Wed Mar 8 13:33:44 PST 2000

Ok - here are the ones I can readily identify from my favorites list just by
the name.  Someday I have to get in there and organize those things!!!  I
was specifically looking for the wire bail bottles because they 1) don't
leak and 2) the corks can't fall or pop out.  so I bypassed a lot of sites
that only had regular bottles.  I also haven't ordered any yet so I can't
speak personally for the service quality from any of these......






This is the only one I've been able to find so far that has more than just
the traditional beer bottle shape.


You can probably find others if you look.  I just put in beer bottle in the
search engine, I also looked for wine bottle and found a lot that way but we
are nowhere near ready to start bottling mead (which we will probably do in
wine bottles).


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