NK - demo

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Fri Mar 3 21:54:12 PST 2000

Rick Drake wrote:
> Unfortunatly that horrid work thing gets in the way yet again.  If anyone comes
> up with a way for me to get paid and not work please let me know.
> Ainar

	Yeah, me too.  In case anyone did not notice my tongue totally
distorting my cheek, I gotta tell you there's no peer limo taking me to
any highly paid peer job.  Just a used Metro driven on automatic pilot
by me to my low-paid nonpeer job where I spend the day desperately
trying to stay awake and alert and make some money for our company so it
can pay me every other Friday.  If I could, I'd be independently wealthy
and I'd do every daytime demo there was.  I'd go on TV to that
"Millionaire" show, but Regis Philbin just makes me homicidal.


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