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I know some of the people who participated last year and they had alot of
internal problems and had a hard time getting it together. I am told they have
new people in charge this time out so maybe it will run smoother. 

Ly Sibeal

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This was posted to the Mooneschadowe list - has anyone heard of this fair?


My name is Robert Mullens and I'm the director of recreationist and live
action role playing groups for the King Arthur Faire.  Rene Shepard
that I send information to this site so that it could be distributed to
interested parties in the shire.

The King Arthur Faire is a medieval faire based on the legendary and
historical King Arthur.  This year's faire will be held 13-15 and 21-22
October in Stroud, OK and will focus on the events surrounding the sword in
the stone legend.

Works N' Progress, the host of the faire, has tasked me with coordinating
with groups like the SCA in hopes that you will come out and participate
us this year.  Last year, our faire's first year, we had 1800 patrons join
in two weekends of the sweltering July and August Oklahoma heat.  Rene and
Loren Shepard and Robert Gould, in whom we are extremely grateful for their
support last year, can attest to that.  This year, with the faire moved to a
cooler season, we expect to have a much larger attendence!

In keeping with the theme of this year's faire, groups like the SCA are
invited to participate, with each portraying a different kingdom, family
group, etc., who are vying for their chance to attempt to draw the sword
the stone.  This would provide all participants with the opportunity to join
together, compete, and enjoy the festive atmosphere, good food and wonderful

If you are interested in being involved with the 2000 Faire, please contact
me.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Robert Mullens
rpmullens at aol.com
1306 Taurus Drive
Edmond, OK 73003
405-844-5484 (no answer means I'm online)

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