NK - sun spot's, yeah, yeah, that's the ticket

Tim Adams toadams at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 10 07:50:22 PST 2000

Sooo a sunspot burned someones brain, making someone forget to attach the 
file, before sending it to the list for a test???
As for temporary insanity I am not capable of saying yeah or neah.

Oh BW I got the file this time *G*
Cormac Yn'Dubh

>     Oh my, yes, after careful consideration and contact with friends and
>associate at both Los Alamos and NASA, it has bee discovered that an
>unusually high level of Sun Spots, causing an increase of solar radiation 
>bombard our planet has cause temporary insanity in Northkeep's list
>administrator, yup that's it, sun spots...
> > Attached is a file from Librarian at Northkeep.Ansteorra.org Ikijima
>Katsutoshi (Lord).
> > This file is in Microsoft Excel format.
> > Please let us\me know if sending an attached Excel file to the list
> > Thank You
><< book_list.xls >>

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