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Sat Mar 11 08:34:47 PST 2000

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tkwasny at ArkansasUSA.com writes:

<< Timothy, Kate and I have safely returned home from China.  As you can see
 from the time on this message, Kate has not figured out that we are not  in
 China any longer.  She wants to play now, so if I want to get any more sleep
 tonight, I have to tire her out. >>
I had a little "night owl" person too, many moons ago, and he hadn't even 
been to China (ha, ha)!   In fact, come to think of it, ...he is STILL at 
night owl at age 21!  Auntie Anawyn is REALLY anxious to get her hands on 
darling Kate. I will just be pacing back and forth 'til then. I would guess 
Castalan is the first we will get to see her? I am first in line to hold 
her!!!  No "ups" either!!

Much Love To All,

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