NK - Update on Rick

Rebecca M. Heydon rebecca-heydon at utulsa.edu
Wed Mar 15 11:10:16 PST 2000


Marrock and I just finished chatting with Aelfwyn over lunch, and she gave
us a status report on Rick.  (For those who might not know, Rick is her
boyfriend and was recently diagnosed with leukemia).

He's still in the hospital and no talk yet about any bone marrow
procedures.  (We mentioned to her that several people have volunteered to
be typed, and she'll pass that up the chain).  He is supposed to have a
spinal tap today and some chemo.  He's hanging in there and is in pretty
good spirits, all things considered.

Cards and well wishes can be sent in care of Aelfwyn for now.  She said he
would love upbeat and humorous "stuff."

The address is:
	Rick Johnston
	c/o Amie Buckner
	2745 S. 117th. East Ave.
	Tulsa, OK  74129 

or you can send e-mail wishes to:  aelf82b at aol.com

That's all we know at the moment.  We'll keep you posted when we hear


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