Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Mon Mar 20 19:50:59 PST 2000

I am going to be off this Friday, March 24, so this date will work for me, and wanted to see if anyone else can join in.
This is for a 4th grade class at Sequoyah Elementary (my alma mater). They have been studying the middle ages and would like to have us come and talk about any related subject.
She has the class members all day, from 8:00 to 3:00 each day, so we can be flexible on the time. If Friday does not work, we can choose another date, but because they will be off for spring break next week, it would have to be in April sometime.
If Friday would work for any of you, e-mail or call me at: 250-7877 and let me know!
Many Thanks As Always,

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