NK - he is so proud!?!

madnhair madnhair at rapfire.net
Sat Mar 25 17:25:18 PST 2000

my dear son Baulsac has made the assumtion that the bruise on his thigh,
that will be about the size of my hand, is a blessing.  He is sooo on cloud

He isnt limping, but he keeps looking at it and giggling.  Gesh!  I guess he
really got a rush.

Perry came in from work and said well how was everything? anyone get hurt?
I said oh no!  then baulsac comes strutting up the yard and asks yeah dad,
you want to see my really cool bruise?  Perry advised him that if he thinks
thats cool, then he is sick, and he must have gotten that from my side of
the family.  baulsac reminds perr that we all love him, blah blah blah and
that is was all in fun and not to worry.  Perr then asks me if i really want
to do this, I said you bet, but i also intend to wear a hell of lot more
protection!  8 D

Looking forward to the next fight,
Maidenhair, Baulsac and Ray

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