NK - Fashion Police and Textile Vikings

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Sat Mar 25 16:14:19 PST 2000

> Have these fasion police ever had any disagreements with the Textile
> Vikings? Or is it that the Textile Vikings have such a keen eye for
> color and fashion, that their choices are always correct?
> Valstarr

	It is of course the latter.  Not only are we au fait with fashion (of
no matter what period and place), but those of us that are Laurels
actually have the power to change history!  Yes, that's right!
Whatever we wear, say and do automatically BECOMES period, just because
we did it!  In fact, we've caused the budget shortfalls in school
systems and universities around the nation (much to our regret) because
history textbooks of all levels, from grade school clear up to graduate
schools, must be constantly discarded and new ones written.  This is our
shame as Laurels and we are in negotiations now with the Pelicans to
help us fix this terrible problem.

					Seeking medical help to remove
					Tongue from cheek

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