NK - Sad Tidings

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Thu Mar 2 18:01:59 PST 2000

Vanessa Goins wrote:
> I would be too.  I'm not working. I have a telecourse right now.  I've always heard this was
> difficult.  Does anyone know anything about this procedure?
	My understanding, which is limited, is that the donor, under anesthesia
(maybe spinal block, maybe full knockout) has several cc's of marrow
taken by a large needle from the pelvic region, which has the largest
concentrations of blood marrow for harvesting.  I have read that the
risks and discomfort factor for the donor is very little, not like
donating a kidney or anything.  There is supposed to be some bruising
and soreness which should disappear within a week.
	If any know more, please tell.


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