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Addington, Debbie, A daaddington at saintfrancis.com
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my mead is not very bubbly, but i would still prefer a good quality bottle.
sounds like i should check out mecca.
whats another week or two 8>/

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> It's been several weeks since I was at Mecca but I belive they had them.
> I
> haven't found them anywhere else in town.  I have gotten lucky now and
> them
> at kitchen shops at the outlet mall in Stroud (gone but not forgotten) so
> that might be a place to look.  Hobby Lobby used to carry a lot of them
> but
> what little they have now is all corked.  I would be hesitant to use those
> bottles for mead, anyway, since the quality of the glass is questionable.
> Some of it is pretty thin and mead is somewhat self carbonating, isn't it?
> So the bottles would be under pressure?  Maybe not.  Never mind.  Good
> luck
> on the bottle search.
> Mercedes
> Who used to buy grolsch beer and make her friends drink it so she could
> have
> the bottles.  If there weren't any friends around, she would pour the beer
> down the drain..........
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> wire bail bottles sounds more like what i would be interested in.
> Maidenhair

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