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Yes!  I had lengthy communications with a different man about this last
year about this time.  The restrictions for dress and address turned us off
to doing something official.  Basically, we could all participate (for a
fee) as long as dressed as peasants.  

Perhaps they are under new management...finally....


At 11:36 AM 3/9/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>This was posted to the Mooneschadowe list - has anyone heard of this fair?
>My name is Robert Mullens and I'm the director of recreationist and live
>action role playing groups for the King Arthur Faire.  Rene Shepard
>that I send information to this site so that it could be distributed to
>interested parties in the shire.
>The King Arthur Faire is a medieval faire based on the legendary and
>historical King Arthur.  This year's faire will be held 13-15 and 21-22
>October in Stroud, OK and will focus on the events surrounding the sword in
>the stone legend.
>Works N' Progress, the host of the faire, has tasked me with coordinating
>with groups like the SCA in hopes that you will come out and participate
>us this year.  Last year, our faire's first year, we had 1800 patrons join
>in two weekends of the sweltering July and August Oklahoma heat.  Rene and
>Loren Shepard and Robert Gould, in whom we are extremely grateful for their
>support last year, can attest to that.  This year, with the faire moved to a
>cooler season, we expect to have a much larger attendence!
>In keeping with the theme of this year's faire, groups like the SCA are
>invited to participate, with each portraying a different kingdom, family
>group, etc., who are vying for their chance to attempt to draw the sword
>the stone.  This would provide all participants with the opportunity to join
>together, compete, and enjoy the festive atmosphere, good food and wonderful
>If you are interested in being involved with the 2000 Faire, please contact
>me.  I look forward to hearing from you!
>Robert Mullens
>rpmullens at aol.com
>1306 Taurus Drive
>Edmond, OK 73003
>405-844-5484 (no answer means I'm online)
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