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Merrik Viltar Har MerrikViltarHar at swbell.net
Tue Mar 28 09:33:05 PST 2000

    Appreciate your words, I also hardware and software consult.  Currently
I have four leads as to overcome the post, post install configuration...
system lockup.
    So far, all the info I can find says that Linux kernel 'will' compile on
a Cyrix processor, so somewhere we are just missing a command, |)
    What can you add to a Cyrix200 with a outdated bios, and Linux with a
40G HD.  I boot with a boot: Linux hda=4982,255,63 to lie to Linux about the
HD geometry so Linux can 'find' all 40G.  Am attempting a 6.1 install, and
after partitioning, formatting, and coping all the packages, it does a "post
installation configuration" and then locks up.  he he he he...



> my lord drop me a line, I think I may be able to help you out.
> I work on computers for a living, so I chase the dream for sanity.
> Cormac Yn'Dubh

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