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Tim Adams toadams at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 28 13:30:40 PST 2000

well I have access to slackware, and redhat.
I can also DL and burn the Solaris OS,  if you are in the mood to
change attack patterns.  also if you want I can help you out with
keeping the web page updated, I understand the drudge work involved
on keeping officers and such up to date.   let me know if I can help out 
with anything.

home 371.9298
work 590.1541
cell 808.1061
pager 672.5761

>Appreciate your words, I also hardware and software consult.  Currently I 
>have four leads as to overcome the post, post install configuration...  
>system lockup.

>So far, all the info I can find says that Linux kernel 'will' >compile on a 
>Cyrix processor, so somewhere we are just missing a command, |) imagine...

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