NK - King from Northkeep?

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>Gilyan told me that Count Finn Kelley lived in Northkeep during his reign.
>Jean Paul de Sens
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>On Tuesday, March 28, 2000 10:26 AM, Miriam Cook 
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> > I saw on Lady Gillian's map that there were a King and
> > Queen from Northkeep... forgive my ignorance, but
> > which Monarch ruled from these lands?
> >
> > Zahava
> >
> >

I wanted to be sure that my memory had not been playing tricks on me so I 
just checked the November 1981 Black Star from their reign and according to 
the Regnum Cyf lived in Namron but Finn lived in Northkeep.  I think that 
either during or just after their reign that Finn moved down to Namron and 
they got married.


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