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<< AoA = award of arms.  
 maidenhair >>
Hello everyone...

For those of you who are new, there are "Awards" in the SCA, given for 
various things.  Maybe Mistress Talana will reissue her excellent paper on 
awards, and regalia, and what it all means.  In the meantime, I will list 
some here...

**Note: there is much more to the following awards and orders than explained 
here.  For a more detailed explanation, find someone with the award and ask 
them about it.

AOA - Award of Arms  This is given by the Crown for general contributions to 
the realm.  (The scroll text has changed somewhat, and I can't recall it 
exactly.)  Generally this is awarded after around a year of active 
playing/contributing (working at events, being an officer, cooking feasts, 
etc.)  Title: Lord or Lady

Rising Star of Ansteorra - An award for young people.  No Title

Sable Comet - This is an award for service to a shire.  Given for lots of 
hard work in a group (in addition to above), and *usually* won't be awarded 
until someone has an AOA. Title Lord or Lady

Sable Crane - Awarded for service to the Kingdom (as opposed to a single 
group).  Service can be as a regional or kingdom officer, or just someone who 
works everywhere they go. Title Lord or Lady

Star of Merit - Also awarded for service to the Kingdom.  This is awarded to 
someone who has worked in a regional or kingdom office, and/or has done a lot 
 of service for many groups for years. Title Honorable Lord or Lady

Sable Thistle - An award for Arts and Sciences.  This is awarded when a 
person has become "good" at an art, craft, or science.   This includes 
woodworking, armor, leatherworking, music, and lots of other things.  Title:  
Lord or Lady

Iris of Merit - A higher level award for Arts and Sciences.  This is usually 
given to someone who is accomplished at several arts, and or sciences, and 
who teaches others, and shares their knowledge.  Title:  Honorable Lord or 

Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star - This award is for Chivalric 
(heavy weapons) fighters who have shown leadership and skill at arms.  Title: 
Honorable Lord or Lady

Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra - (hope I got that right :-O)  For 
fighters who have shown skill and leadership in the Rapier Community.  Title: 
 Don or Dona

Court Baron/Ess:  Given by the Crown for various reasons - service, setting 
an example, and many other reasons. Title: Your Excellency

Order of the Laurel - A recognized expert in Arts and Sciences Title: Master 
or Mistress

Order of the Pelican - Recognition for service above and beyond the call of 
Title: Master or Mistress

Order of Chivalry/Master at Arms - For Skill and Chivalry in heavy weapons.
Title: Sir/Dame  or Master/Mistress

There are lots of other awards that are not listed here.  This is just to 
give you new folks an idea of what awards are about.

Hope this helps...


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