NK - Castellan Fire Works

Craig Henson corkey_65 at hotmail.com
Mon May 22 22:03:03 PDT 2000

Greeting's to the Kingdom of Ansteorra
and the Barony of Northkeep!

We are adding a fire works display to this years Castellan XI event. I know 
it is late to be asking for this, but if anyone would like to contribute to 
the cause, please contact one of the event stewards to make a contribution.
The display is planed for after court Saturday night.

Event Steward's:
                Lady Anna Beneyt Attewood (918)-838-3123
                AnnaAtteWd at aol.com

                Lord Merrik Viltar Har    (918)-836-2516
                MerrikViltarHar at swbell.net

                Gerard de le Quartier     (918)-744-8358
                Corkey_65 at hotmail.com

            (Please, no call's after 10:00 P.M)

In Service To Our Kingdom, Barony, And The Dream,
Gerard de le Quartier
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