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 Going to Lilies?  Wanna special treat?
 Calontir is running an online auction to raise funds to 
 replace the Royal Pavillion.  Here's one item many fighters 
 might really enjoy.
> Have you visited the Calontir Auction site today?
> New item:  Knight School
> Description:
> Thinking of going to Knight School?
> Bid for personal 1 on 1 training with the Chivalry. This 
> auctions winner will
> get 1 hour of training at Lilies with each of the following Knights.
> Duke Valens of Flatrock,
> Sir Vaclav Semjaka,
> Duke Eringlin Aldhelm,
> Sir Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon,
> Sir Rolf Eichmann,
> Sir Hirsch Ross Eichman, and
> Sir Kirk Fitzdavid.
> Go to Knight School for an hour each day, or get in a day 
> of intensive training.
> Times must be coordinated with the schedules of the 
> individual Chivalry.
> Question? E-mail Fernando at Fernando at Vigil1.com.
> Forget the auction site's url?  Here it is:
> or get there 
> through Huscarl.com
> or the Calontir web site.

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