ANST-Announce - Charter painting at Steppes Warlord!

Lee Lemons lalemons at
Fri May 26 06:02:39 PDT 2000

Greetings to all interested in charter painting!

There will be charter painting at Steppes Warlord this weekend on both
Saturday and Sunday!

There will also be a scribal meeting approximately around 2:30 for all
interested.  If you are not able to attend for the full meeting, I do
have a handout for those who need to run off!

<warning, blatant subliminal message about to happen>  : )

So come on out to <charter painting> Steppes Warlord for a <chocolate>
wonderful event full of great activities <painting and chocolate> like
ax throwing, fighting, A&S, and oh, lest I forget, charter painting!!!

I look forward to meeting all the scribes who can attend!

Baroness Curstaidh Magorlick
Star Signet
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