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Merrik Viltar Har merrikviltarhar at swbell.net
Fri May 26 19:27:26 PDT 2000

Dear Lord Duffus and Members of Northkeep,

    I apologize to you all.
    Apparently someone who does not have the authority to chose the
person(s) to run activities for Castellan asked you to do so.  However,
members who are chosen as the stewards for an event are the responsible
parties for choosing who is in charge of the various aspects of said event.
    I, and my fellow stewards appreciate your service for the last three
years, running our Barony's thrown weapon contest at Castellan.  However,
discussion among the stewards led us to choose Lord Herrik for the specific
reason that "you" Lord Duffus HAVE run the competition for the past three
years.  It seemed appropriate to diversify our pool of members who "have"
run a thrown weapons competition.  We did not dismiss you "out of hand", we
trusted that as a sergeant at arms you would be willing to freely share and
teach another from your experience.  Isn't that what the S.C.A. and pursuit
of membership in the belted circle is all about, isn't it?
    I applaud Lord Herrik for taking the initiative to seek weapons and help
if that is what he needed to fulfill his obligation to the stewards request
for "him" to run the competition.  I must also applaud Lord Herrik and the
stewards for this event for asking and accepting help from whomever whishes
to provide it, even you... :)

Lord Merrik Viltar Har (in person)
Lady Anna Beneyt Atte Wode (signed w instruction/permission, over my
Gerard de le Quartier (signed w instruction/permission, over my shoulder)

> Dear Barony of Northkeep.
>  I have in service of the Knife, Axe, and Spear in the north for more than
> years now. I was asked to help run the competition by HL Aethelstan last
> week I received an e-mail stating that my services were not needed and
> someone else would be taking care of it and now it seems that he does not
> have any of the weapons needed to run the competition. I have been bring
> letting everyone use my weapons and also have came up with scoring sheets
> for the competitions in north. I have also been appointed the North
> KAS Deputy Marshal I am just waiting to see the Kingdom KAS marshal to
> the office official. I have worked in the past with everyone in the north
> make sure that there were weapons and targets and scoring and some one to
> run the event . I do not understand why one week ago I was told my
> were not needed only to see a week later an e-mail asking for  weapons and
> help to run the event. well even though my lady and I will be out of town
> will make sure that my personal Knife axes and spear are available to use
> will also leave the scoring sheets and standed rules for the competition.
> will be contacting Edmund tonight letting him know that he will have
> everything he needs to run the competition. A suggustion to the sterwards
> castellan you should accept experenced help rather then demiss it out of
> hand.
> In service to the kingdom and the barony of northkeep
> HL Magnus Fine Hair Duffus and HL Heather MacKay

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