ANST-Announce - Further Northkeep fire victims information

Rebecca M. Heydon RMHeydon at
Sun May 28 11:52:41 PDT 2000


My thanks to all of you who sent donations for Master Beorhtlic and
Lady Elizabetta to help them get back on their feet.  Though it is
only about 10 days since the fire, there has been hundreds of
dollars donated through private channels and raffles.  There will
also be another raffle at Northkeep's Castellan (June 2-4) if anyone
is interested.  

While Beorhtlic and Elizabetta are beginning to rebuild, Lady
Elisabeth de Calais and her daughter, Olivia, are still facing the
loss of their home and many belongings.  Elisabeth is starting to
receive bills from the fire department for putting out the blaze as
well as bills from those involved in cleaning up the debris.  I
would be more than happy to pass along any donations for her, as

My contact information is:

	Becky Heydon
	3410 E. 5th Place
	Tulsa, OK  74112

Master Beorhtlic and Lady Elizabetta (Mark Whitney and Beth Sanborn)
Lady Elisabeth (Melissa Blevins).

Again, thank you all for your generosity, help and kind words.  

In service to Barony, Region and Kingdom

Lady Rowan ni Coerc
Deputy Seneschal, Barony of Northkeep
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