NK - chain saws and a few bodies needed..

Timothy Of NorthKeep toadams at hotmail.com
Tue May 30 08:17:43 PDT 2000

good day all,

We are going to try to move a large portion of poles on the Sat morning of 

We will have a fork lift, so not alot of heavy lifting is expected for 
loading, but we still need to cut the poles to 50' or 25'lengths to get them 
to fit on the trailer...

Anyone with a chainsaw who would like to help please respond so we can 
cordinate times with you...   We will be leaving from Castellan to Ponka 
City then coming back as soon as finished, to unload the poles then to 
commence resting or fighting whatever your pleasure is.

If I can borrow a chainsaw, I may go up on Friday and cut some of these 
poles to length at that time, this will speed the proccess on saterday...

Thank you for your support
Timothy of Northkeep

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