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Wed May 31 08:21:23 PDT 2000

Then I am looking for you!

Unto the Chronclers of Ansteorra doth HL Borek Vitalievich Volkov, Star
Principal Herald, send greetings

The college of Heralds in Ansteorra has a deputy heralds position open
called Obelisk Herald. The main purpose of the office is to produce our
monthly publication, the Ansteorran Gazette.

The basic requirements of the office is that you can put together, publish,
and distribute the newsletter in a timely manner.

No heraldic experience is needed for the office, but it doesn't hurt

If you are interested in applying for this office, please send an
application to the past Obelisk herald and to myself. Both addresses are in
the Black Star.

I will be taking applications until the end of June

In Service to Ansteorra

Lord Star
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