NK - Rose petals for Castellan

Addington, Debbie, A daaddington at saintfrancis.com
Fri May 5 11:48:15 PDT 2000

i will be going to fighter tomarrow, and could pick those up if Lady Rowan
would like?

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> My mum's bushes are getting ready to drop.  I would be
> happy to collect and dry them.  I can bring them to
> May Populace, or if there is someone over here (I am
> between 31 and 41/ 129 and Garnett) who I could take
> them to who will be going to fighter practice before
> that, I can do that too.  They are mostly red, but I
> have so yellow/pinks as well.
> In humble service,
> Aline
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