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Nathan Jones njones at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 5 14:46:34 PDT 2000

Our Maidenhair wrote:
> well from what i have heard
> if you go by the name but it doesnt pass the heralds, you get stuck w/ it
> even when you change to a new name that does pass.

Well...I wouldn't go that far.  I know several people who sucessfully
changed their names in the Society.  However, if you do change your name, it
can take some time to establish the new habit.

On no level is it required for you to have a registered name and device in
this kingdom.   Traditions and customs can change from kingdom to kingdom
regarding this, but there is no Society bylaw requiring it.

> However....Look at my name.  it isnt period, and i doubt it would pass
> herald but everyone knows me already by this name
> Maidenhair
> (who's elder son has chosen the name Baulsac!)

Both can be fine for Society use.

There are different philosophies about names in the Society.

One thought goes something like, "It's my game and I want to be called,
"Cottontips" (to steal from PUG) and no one is going to tell me different."
Many times people in this group will have registered names that they never
use, but have registered so that they can get a device passed.

Another schools says, "Why try to backwards document and stretch the
historical record to register an obviously Modern or Fantasy-related name
when there are so many good names that are completely documentable."  i.e.
Mary Smith.

And some members never register a name and device at all.  It just doesn't
matter to the way they play in the SCA.

Oh, and just to throw it out there, because the question always seems to
come up in this type of discussion, being a paid member is not a requirement
to register a name and device with the College of Heralds.  Nor is it a
requirement for awards in this kingdom.  It is a requirement to hold an
office, and that includes autocrat and feastocrat (or event steward and
feast steward, if you prefer.)


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