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> What's peerage?
> Cheryl (aka Tamberlin) of

The Peerages of the Society for Creative Anachronism are:

Knights/Master of Arms:  given for fighting.  Knights swear fealty to the
Crown and are entitled to wear a white belt and gold chain.  Master of Arms
are equal in rank to Knights and have chosen not to swear fealty.  They are
entitled to wear a white baldric (like a belt worn sideways across the body
over on shoulder).

Pelicans:  given for service.  They are entitled to wear a medallion of a
"pelican in it's piety", that is with a slashed and bleeding breast.  (In
Medieval times it was thought that this was how the bird would feed it's
young, and was a symbol of ultimate sacrifice and service.)

Laurels:  Given for excellence in the Arts and Sciences.  Many and varied
are the talents of the Laurels, too many to quickly catagorize.  They are
entitled to wear a medallion of a laurel wreath.

This is the quickie version of these.  There are other rights,
responsibilities and regalia that are associated with the Peerages, but I
won't go into those at the moment.

Oh, and I'll leave it to someone else to explain the subtleties of Royal
Peerages, I'm not that current on them.


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