NK - Getting a name

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Fri May 5 16:33:38 PDT 2000

Cheryl Kiel wrote:
> I've got a name and place/time picked out.
> Tamberlin MacKenzie
> It's a family name that goes back to around the middle
> ages (not exactly sure how far back) in Scotland.  Do
> I need to sign it up or just start going by it or
> what?
> Cheryl of Northkeep (trying to become Tamberlin)
	A quick way to check out this name's registerability is to run it past
HL Livia, who is the Kingdom name herald and has all the good sources. 
I have her email address somewhere, I will try to find it and send to
you.  There is no need to register the name in order to use it, but
registering it makes it exclusively yours, and it can be sad (as Zahava
has said) to get attached to and identify with a name and find it cannot
be verified as period and therefore not registerable.  And you can't
register a device without a registered or registerable name, so it means
settling for something you don't like as much to be able to get a
device.  Best to check it out beforehand.

					Former Baronial Herald

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