NK - cbs

Frank Howerton hoefish at hotmail.com
Mon May 8 00:26:02 PDT 2000

I will gladly pay ya for a copy at fighter practic Merrik. How much per 
copy? Bring one to practice please.

>From: Merrik Viltar Har <MerrikViltarHar at swbell.net>
>Reply-To: Northkeep at ansteorra.org
>To: List Server Northkeep <Northkeep at ansteorra.org>
>Subject: NK - cbs
>Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 15:51:49 -0500
>William and I are headed over to Sigen's house to pick up the tape she made
>so we can see it and make a bunch of copies...
>We would like money for the tape or a tape in exchange...

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