NK - chain saws and a few bodies needed..

Timothy Of NorthKeep toadams at hotmail.com
Wed May 31 08:02:53 PDT 2000

>Tomothy this is Karl Hungus, I would be interested in helping you on Friday 
>if I am not working.
If things workout how they are looking, I will need a few guys to help me 
man handle a few pole's in order to cut them down.
This will make Sat, much easier and require no major human work to load(the 
worst part).  Unloading on Sat, I will go ask a few heavy fighters to wander 
over and help me roll those bad boys off the trailer.  This means no one 
misses any lists or anything.

>Send me some way of contacting you Friday phone # and such and I >would be 
>glad to help the castle along.
my numbers are this
Tim Adams
home 918.371.9298
work 918.590.1541
cell 918.808.1061
just keep trying till you find me....

>I also think that Edmond will be free.
that would be great, two more will make this much better..
do you have a chain saw???

I am still looking for one..

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