ANST-Announce - Ballista Warning

Marlin Stout ldcharls at
Wed Nov 1 10:04:49 PST 2000

Those making ballistas for Gulf War, be warned.
  The bungee-powered design currently used in this kingdom is in danger
of being banned. Below are statements made by the new SCA Siege marshal
concerning this. His intent (stated on the siege list) is to unilateraly
ban these engines (whether they are built to resemble actual ballistas
or not.) His basis for doing this seems to be that he personally
dislikes them, not that they are unsafe. 
  From what I've been reading in his messages on the Siege list, it
appears to me that he wants to put this ban in place BEFORE Gulf War.
This would make all the work on building engines for the upcoming war
wasted effort. 
  Those argueing in favor of these engines based on their relative
safety have been ignored.
  I will try to forward his final edict when he makes it, but wanted
those already working (or having completed) ballistas to be warned. 
  This would be a good time for those who alresdy have ballistas to
start considering how to put a torsion skein on them, so they might
still be able to use them if Master Kaz persists with this action.
  If you wish to register a comment, e-mail Kaz at :
<cnogy at>
  or post to the SCA-Siege list at : SCA-Siege at

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad

Chris Nogy wrote:
Thing that has already been decided needs to be done:  Ban bungeelista

Considerations:  phase-out vs. immediate removal, possible methods of
converting bungeelista to more acceptable machines

I don't have any intention of getting back into the bungeelista vs. no
bungeelista arguement - that has been hashed out and I have collected a
significant enough data sample to get a good idea of what's going on.  I
have an item that needs attention, and I want input on how to handle it.

So let's start with this first example, and see how it goes.

What I am currently considering bungeelista are the devices that have no
method of providing or attenuating power to the projectile except
elastic strings.
perhaps someone has mounted one of these on a wheeled carriage, but
appearance is only part of it.  Functionality is another part.
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