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LdyCalais at aol.com LdyCalais at aol.com
Fri Nov 3 07:54:18 PST 2000

  And a good morning to all!  I am in, relatively constant contact with the 
people at Dayspring Villa, the folks we will be assisting this season, and 
have gotten a good list of items desired by them.  These items are "in 
addition to" the toys.  They DO NOT expect new items your used and no longer 
wanted or needed will make them as happy as anything.  There is a GREAT need 
here.  So...

          1.  TOYS !!!!! LOL
          2.  diapers
          3.  Children's and infant clothing
          4.  Any and all personal care items i.e. curling irons, hair 
brushes, curlers, etc.,
          5.  Adult clothing for women all sizes and shapes
          6.  Christmas trees and Christmas decorations
 Basically, beyond the toys they can use ANYTHING that you no longer want!  
Think of it as a huge garage sale!  If I am confusing you, please contact me 
via e-mail or phone me at 425-0811 (evenings) and 245-7006 (daytime number)
    And THANK all of you for your generosity and consideration!
                                      In Service,
                              Lady Elisabeth de Calais
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