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Xene here:  This has been on several history and Byzantine lists.

His small book, "Byzantine Civilization", first published in 1933, then
republished in 1994 by Barnes & Nobles Books (ISBN 1-56619-574-8) is a
wonderful overview for anyone interested in a Byzantine persona.
He was also the author of the three volume set, "The First Crusades".

We have lost a great historian.


Steven Runciman died Nov 1 at the age of 97.

>From the London times extensive obituary:

"Sir Steven Runciman

Scholar, linguist and gossip, whose revisionist History of the Crusades and
studies of Byzantium were massively researched and widely read

Steven Runciman was famous for throwing light on some very dark ages, and
attempting, as he said the historian must, "to record in one great sweeping
sequence the greater events and movements that have swayed the destiny of
man". But as well as being the leading historian of the Crusades, he was a
world traveller, the companion of royalty - at least four queens were said
to have turned out for his 80th birthday - and an aficionado of the foibles
of the powerful, whether past or present. Details of forgotten personalities
glint in all his writings, and he could discourse about ancient genealogies,
scandals and feuds until the crusaders came home."

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