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Mon Nov 6 11:07:31 PST 2000


Rundel's Margrave - Vormund tourney this past weekend was an absolute 
*blast*.  Everyone had a good time.  Lady Dagmar served up an outstanding 
feast, and the hospitality of the group was amazing.  The winners of the 
tourneys were Lord Angus Macdaid Gunn (sp?)  and Lord Walter Robin.  Lady 
Toinette was the Artisan and HL Robert took the Bardic.  

The principality discussion was well attended, and lots of questions were 

We are very proud of our Canton.  They worked many long hard hours to put on 
an event worthy of those attending.  They put lots of thought into the 
prizes, and the feast was not only period, but appropriate to the season in 
which it was served.  VIVAT RUNDEL!!  Thanks to all of the folks from around 
the region who helped with the event.  Special thanks to Master Tarl and 
Mistress 'Stacia for the lovely basket of largess.

If you missed it, you missed some of the finest hospitality, food, and fun 
that has ever been had in Anseorra.  We hope that more of you will attend 
next year and discover yet *another* jewel in the Crown of Ansteorra.

We remain in service,
Thorgrim and Sigen
Hersir and Herrin Northkeep

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