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Mon Nov 6 14:40:12 PST 2000

To all members of the Assassins Guild and the Known World:
>From the Evil Mistress of Death, Edwina Dirks Sterne:

With the acceptance of the contract of death upon the current Crown came

the realization that a sharp increase in Assassins Guild activity and a
swelling of it's numbers was a great likely hood.  My living far from
the center of things in Ansteorra prevents me from closely monitoring
the goings on in the area.  For this reason I have appointed a Vice
Principal and Liaison for the Kingdom to keep me apprised of activities
and problems.  The obvious choice for this position is Lord Marius
Atreidae.  He is a founding member of the Guild and over the years has
come to know my desires for the Guild as well as what might displease
me.  He has always been accessible when any call for Guild business has
come.  Please afford him the same respect you would me as he is my word
and my command in Ansteorra.  Appeals may still be made to me.  I am
always interested in feed back in Guild matters.

Mistress Edwina Dirks Sterne,
Guild Principal
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