ANST-Announce - Estrella 17-Latest Land Update

Master Raffaelle gyrony at
Thu Nov 9 06:56:33 PST 2000

Greetings to the Knowne World, please pay Heed to Words from the Estrella 

Unto the Attendees of Estrella War XVII from Mistress Brenna MacGhie of 
Kintyre, Lady Ekaterina Pytrovna Novgorodka (Kasha) and Baron Raibert 
macDonnachaidh of Locksley, Main Autocrats for Estrella XVII, Greetings,

The following is to give you an update on space availability at Estrella 
XVII with the elimination of the land allocation policy.

Each Kingdom has been granted a plot of land which was selected by the
Principal Crowns. To assist you in determining where your Kingdom’s land is 
located, a map will be available on the web page in the near future. There 
will also be maps available at Troll once you arrive on site.

Due to safety concerns, the archery range camping area will still require 
approval from the Archery Autocrat, Master Leif the Wanderer. He can be 
reached by writing him at housekintyre at or by calling 
623-935-3457. The archery encampment is limited to archers and the rapier 
households who have already received permission to camp in this area.

The dry RV area will be on a first come first served basis. We have 
increased the amount of space for dry RV’s. After the Main Field dry RV 
spaces are filled, you will be able to park your RV in the parking lot.

There will be a merchant encampment near merchants’ row. If you wish to camp 
within this area instead of with your Kingdom, you will need to indicate 
this information on your pre-registration form. This area is limited to the 
people who actually work in the booth and their respective mundane families 

Groups that are non-Kingdom specific or cross-Kingdom may submit requests to 
utilize Kingdom land to the Principal Crowns with assigned land. They may 
also camp in the Fields of Valhalla (formerly known as Overflow Camping).

Each Kingdom will assign a Land Manager to manage the utilization of their 
land. If a Kingdom runs short of space, the respective Kingdom Land Managers 
will jointly determine if Kingdom “borders” can be shifted.

Estrella XVI had approximately 3900 people camping. This number includes 
adults, youths and children. There is enough space to accommodate 6500 – 
6800 campers. There should be sufficient space for all that wish to camp.

A refund policy has been issued to aid those who purchased additional
pre-registrations to obtain extra land and/or if they “upgraded” a youth or 
child’s registration. If you have not received this information previously, 
it is available on the Estrella War web page at We 
highly recommend that you take this opportunity to share the early bird 
discounts you obtained with your fellow Kingdomers by selling your extra 
land purchases to them to
allow them to benefit from the savings.

We hope this will be of assistance in relieving everyone’s mind in regards 
to the changes.Thank you, once again, for your patience while the Autocrats 
are revising the policies for Estrella XVII. If you have any questions, 
comments or concerns, please feel free to write or call directly to the Main 
Autocrats at:

Mistress Brenna          housekintyre at    623-935-3457
Lady Kasha               kasha2 at              623-846-4347
Baron Raibert            raibert1 at            623-846-4347

In Service to the Dream,

           Brenna              Kahsa            Raibert
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