ANST-Announce - Stolen Armor

Sigen3 at Sigen3 at
Sun Nov 12 13:39:42 PST 2000


This weekend past, while we were at the Holiday Inn Express in Canton Tx. for 
the 3 Kings event, someone saw fit to relieve me of my armor.  We made a 
police report, but would like to ask everyone to keep an eye out for it.

The armor is as follows:  A Phrygian helm with brass horse heads on the 
cheekpieces (fits a small person)  Gorget with spaulders, breast plate, 
vambraces with attached elbow cops, kidney belt (scalloped top edge), knees 
attached to narrow leather belt, and gauntlets.  All of the leather (except 
the narrow belt) is royal blue with a white border. 

The armor can be replaced, but the helmet was an anniversary gift from 
Thorgrim, and it would mean a lot to me to get it back.  If you see it in a 
pawn shop, and can buy it,  I will be more than glad to reimburse you.

Thank you.

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