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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Mon Nov 13 14:20:24 PST 2000

In case anyone was wondering, the new group is northwest of San
Antonio.  Bandera is about 40 miles northwest of I-410, Kerrville is
out I-10 about 50 miles out, Ingram is a little place about 20 miles
west of Kerrville, and Center Point is about 10 miles south-southeast
of Kerrville.  Kerrville is the substantial town, population about
17,000 - 20,000 (I've seen various figures), the county seat of Kerr
County, which has about as many people in addition.  It's in the hill

"Seat of Kerr County, one of the state's most popular health and
recreation centers.  ...  More than two dozen boy's and girl's camps,
scores of hotels, motels, dude ranches and religious encampments
attract thousands annually.  Rugged cedar and live oak-covered hills,
picturesque green valleys and beautifully streams edged by towering
cypress.  White-tailed deer so numerous that motorists are cautioned
to be on the alert for them, especially at night."

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