ANST-Announce - Steppes 12th Night

Jennifer Leighton isabeljlj at
Tue Nov 14 07:02:30 PST 2000

Unto the gentle Populous of Ansteorra doth Lady Isabel FitzHugh, Steppes
12th Night Event Steward send greetings.

January 6th is drawing close and I wanted to remind you about Steppes 12th
Night.  We are proud to be hosting Kingdom Eisteffod during the day.  Please
see the Eisteffod ad in the December Blackstar for more detailed

Other activities to be found are; Laurel's Circle, Herald Consulting table,
Laurel's Silent auction sponsored by Mistress Rose from Stargate, an Ask a
Laurel table (throughout out the day, depending on the circle), and
Children's activities throughout the day.  Did I mention dancing after
court? (Time permitting).

There will of course be a succulent feast featuring roast beef, roast
chicken, stew and a strictly vegetable soup.  More feast details will follow
from the Feastocrat.  All Feast reservations must be paid for by 1:00pm
(either in person or through a member of your Group/House).  Any left after
that time will be handed out to the waiting list through a lottery.

Lady Isabel FitzHugh
Barony of the Steppes
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