NK - Principality discussion (Wastelands Yule)

Burke McCrory burkemc2 at home.com
Fri Nov 17 20:37:34 PST 2000

Greetings to the Northern Region of Ansteorra,

I have received permission from the autocrat of the Wastelands Yule Revel 
and will be hosting another of the open discussions on the issues and 
concepts of Principalities at their Yule Revel (12/2/00).  The meeting will 
be held sometime in the afternoon before feast.  These are open discussions 
that are designed to help inform and educate the populace about the pro's 
and con's of Principalities. I welcome and encourage anyone who has either 
a positive or negative opinion or is just interested in learning more about 
the concept of Principalities, to attend this meeting.  If we are to some 
day think about forming a Principality in the North we must be educated to 
all of the points, both good and bad, before we decide.

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

Link to event announcement   http://wastelands.ansteorra.org/events.htm


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