NK - a poem for the weekend

Langston, David R david.langston at wilcom.com
Fri Nov 24 03:27:28 PST 2000

Hope you all enjoy this while digesting reheated turkey :)
Wynfrith whodidnotwritethisandtakesnoresponsibility

BEOWULF from Maurice Sagoff's "ShrinkLits" 
Monster Grendel's tastes are plainish. 
Breakfast? Just a couple of Danish.
King of Danes is frantic, very. 
Wait! Here comes the Malmo ferry
Bringing Beowulf, his neighbor, 
Mighty swinger with a saber!
Hrothgar's warriors hail the swede, 
Knocking back a lot of mead;
Then, when night engulfs the Hall 
And the monster makes his call, 
Beowulf, with body-slam, 
Wrenches off his arm, Shazam!
Monster's mother finds him slain, 
Grabs and eats another Dane! 
Down her lair our hero jumps, 
Gives old Grendel's dam her lumps. 
Later on, as King of Geats 
He performed prodigious feats,
Till he met a foe too tough 
(Non Beodegradable stuff)
And that scaly armored dragon 
Swooped him up and fixed his wagon
Sorrow-stricken, half the nation 
Flocked to Beowulf's cremation; 
Round his pyre, with drums a-muffle, 
Did a Nordic soft-shoe shuffle. 

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