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Aunt Dwen auntdwen at
Tue Nov 28 06:18:32 PST 2000

Greetings, One and All:

There have been questions about Wastelands Yule Revel.

Yes, there definitely will be a regional fighter practice at Wastelands Yule
Revel.  Our KM doesn't have email, or he would post to the list.  Bring all
your toys, all fighting disciplines.  Unfortunately, as this is a public
fairgrounds, we are unable to have Archery (Sigh).  Don't know about combat
archery.  Might be OK.  Sometimes it's easier to get forgiveness than
permission.  Looks like we're going to have much better weather than at last
year's revel!

Remember there will be a tavern selling hot soup during the day, and a pot
luck feast in the evening.  Master Baron Sir Burke has called for a
Principality Discussion in the afternoon after fighting and before the
feast.  Come share your insights if interested.  We are also accepting the
donation of ornaments for a tree to be given to our local Child Care Campus,
a child-friendly house where physical and sexual abuse interviews of
children are done for the county.  We will also have our traditional toy
drive with the group providing the largest number of toys given the honor of
carrying the Shire's Toy Banner for the year.  Last year the canton of
Rundel, with the assistance of Northkeep, took home the prize.  Who will win
this year?  All donations will benefit the children of Garfield County.

Anyone with questions is welcome to contact me, or contact your event
Steward (see the ad in the Nov. Black Star or go to to see the ad online.

Bright Blessings,

Baroness Ceridwen Tir Gwastraff
House Wizard's Keep
Chronicler of the Wastelands
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