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House Of Walker wf3 at icok.net
Wed Nov 1 06:43:20 PST 2000

Susan O'Neal wrote:

>  The only other questions I have is what general time frame
> is the bardic competition, is the site wet and what is a Plague Frog.

I can do two out of three! Site is wet, period containers of course.

 Plague Frog is a "hot potatoe" type game we like to play. We toss a
frog about the circle until the music stops. If you are caught holding
the frog at that time, you have caught the plague and must die. Good
deaths do count. The final person standing in the game is a carrier who
gets to take the frog with them and spread the plague.

Bardic time, I'm having a lapse. Perhaps our current bard can tell us.

Britta the Red 
If you can't set a good example, then you'll just have to be an object

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