NK - some sort of joint revel.

Addington, Debbie, A daaddington at saintfrancis.com
Thu Nov 2 11:57:40 PST 2000

or he trimmed those!  he decided that even though he thought (there he goes
w/ that thinkin) that he looked really dog, that they were becoming too
painful to keep.  He "thinks" he can at least protect his goatee.  hahahaha
when he takes a break from that army game, he will see this soon enough.
Hey kid!  you got the laundry done yet?

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> When he goes into boot, why don't you write an excuse
> note for the drill instructor?  heheheheeh...do me a
> favor and tell bigdaddy "sideburns".
> Ren
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> > Big Daddy is home with an owie today.  Big Daddy
> > over worked himself at the
> > gym last night, cause he "thinks"  he is tough
> > enough to handle it.
> > Poor Baby!  It's gonna hurt soooo much more after
> > that first day in boot
> > camp and unlike me your loving caring considerate
> > mommie, they wont let you
> > stay in bed the next morning either.  Too late for
> > you to back out now.
> > Better keep enjoying the discount at the army
> > surplus store.  hehe
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