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Frederick Addington big_daddy_baulsac at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 3 14:41:08 PST 2000

now your saying august populous? monday you said
northern regional warlord....which is it?
i keep track of all my weelings and dealings i am
positive it was djinnadire. what exaclty did you
witness edmund. was it the night of august populous,
or was it at djinnadire,when we were next to alton's
joking around. does anyone else remember that day.
if it turns out that i am wrong i will gladly give you
your rattan which you rightfully earned. 

your friend,
Frederick Addington

--- Bethor2000 at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 11/2/00 6:05:49 PM Central
> Standard Time, 
> madnhair at rapfire.net writes:
> << so sorry mi'lord, Baulsac insists he has till the
> 16th of this month to 
> make
>  good on the bet, the 2 of you made.
>  When was djinnadire?
>   >>
> I made the bet with Baulsac, not a woman.  We made
> the bet at August Populous.
> Alton

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