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Dale, Richard N DaleRN at
Wed Nov 8 08:11:07 PST 2000

Well, I am happy to report we are going to have partly cloudy skies and no
rain for Three Kings this weekend. Temperatures should be in the low 60's
for a high and the low 40's at night. I have attached the weather channel
website forecast for Canton.

I have talked to the site person and the site is doing well and draining
very well. The site will have  a minimum of 24 hours to dry out before any
of us even get on site.

I think it is going to be great camping weather.

Please all Middle Eastern Dancers and Drummers come and share your talent
with us at Three Kings! Free Chili for you all!

Before I go. Let me try to put this picture in your head:

A rolling field of green. Before you, are the armies of the French and the
English. High nobles sit upon there mighty steeds as the banners for each
army rustle in the breeze. Each side has an impressive display of heraldry,
armor and soldiers for the days battle. Each side has lined up on opposites
sides of the battlefield. The Nobles dismount from their horses and the
grooms graciously take the noble steeds away to safety. Swords pound on
shields! A small roar starts as voices rise awaiting the order to attack.
>From the English:  For King! St. George! and England!
>From the French:  For King! St Michael! and France!  

The armies meet in the middle of the battle field and in amazing frenzy of
color,  glint of steel, and adrenaline an image is forever left in your

Don't Miss it!

Richard Fairbourne
Edward III
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